Dan Kantor




For the past few months, we’ve been hinting that we had some big plans for the future. Well, we are very happy to announce that Exfm is joining Rhapsody! For the last 4 years, we’ve been committed to building an original, fast and fun way to discover new music. Rhapsody has been a leader…

So happy to finally announce this. We’ve got plans to build some awesome stuff. Stay tuned!

Wikipedia says the Information Age started in the 1970’s:

The Information Age formed by capitalizing on the computer microminiaturization advances, with a transition spanning from the advent of the personal computer in the late 1970s, to the Internet’s reaching a critical mass in the early 1990s, and the adoption of such technology by the public in the two decades after 1990

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently as I look at the data I have on myself. I’ve got thousands of pictures a year since 2001 when I got my first digital camera. I’ve got quantified self data on myself since 2012 when I got my first Fitbit. Before those times, there is a stark drop-off.

I was asking my dad the other day what his time and distance was when he was my age and ran. He tried his best to remember his answer. Are they correct? We don’t really know since he didn’t track his runs the way I do now. 

If you are younger than 5, there is a good chance your entire life will be photographed, quantified and saved. Since I’m 35, the first 30 years or so were not. It’s interesting to think about our own personal Information Ages. I think about future conversations with my son where I try and explain why there is a large empty period from the beginning of my life. We are the last generation or two where it will be like this.